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Even when “Pauly Shore Is Dead,” per his 2003 documentary, he seems to be constantly finding new life.

Presently, the former MTV superstar can be found behind mics in both small and large cities across America, including West Nyack, New York, on June 20 and June 21. Why not come straight through to NYC? It’s really in the small towns where Shore has the most fun. “I get inspired and turned on by bizarre people in most of these smaller towns,” he says. “They’re so themselves, and not aware of their surroundings like the people in the bigger markets.”

It was during a tour through Wisconsin last year that Shore filmed the soon-to-be released “Pauly Shore Stands Alone,” which premieres July 14 at the Downtown Film Festival Los Angeles. “It’s a straight documentary,” Shore explains, “It’s a slice of my life at the time of the filming.” The topic is more serious than one might expect from the former “weasel,” focusing on his mother’s, battle with Parkinson’s disease as she moves out of her home of 40 years. “It’s the first film I’ve done where there wasn’t a wink at the camera,” Shore says.


Mother Mitzi’s role in Shore’s comedy career is significant. As co-founder and owner of The Comedy Store in West Hollywood, she brought the great comics of her age to the stage, including Richard Pryor, David Letterman and Eddie Murphy. For Pauly, it was a master class in comedy and performance that helped set the course of his life.

Shore’s more than 20 years onstage and in film have taken him to the highest and lowest points of the entertainment business, but always forward. Projects never seem to be in short supply, including a soon-to-be unveiled series of podcasts, “Pauly Shore's Interested,” in which he interviews celebrities like Arsenio Hall and Chris Rock. Whatever the project, he seems to count his blessings. He says: “I’m lucky enough and fortunate enough to have made some type of name for myself.”

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