Celebrities, filmmakers and roughly 170,000 fans invaded San Diego last week for the annual pop culture Woodstock that is Comic-Con, where Hollywood rolled out teases for the next several years of film and TV properties. Most of the big reveals came in Hall H, the massive auditorium into which fans line up for days. So, was it worth the wait?

Biggest hits

Marvel Entertainment:
Riding into Comic-Con high on the wave of "Avengers" success, the comic book publisher-turned-movie studio announced a slew of new films, including sequels to "Captain America" and "Thor." And then Robert Downey Jr. danced into the hall, blurring the lines between himself and Tony Stark, to unveil footage from next year's "Iron Man 3."

"Elysium": "District 9" director Neill Blomkamp unveiled "Elysium," about a future in which the haves live it up on a space station while the have-nots toil on the dilapidated Earth below. Not only did Blomkamp stun the crowd with footage from the film, he also brought along star Jodie Foster, a Comic-Con virgin and closet geek -- Foster copped to being a huge "True Blood" fan.

"Man of Steel":
Zack Snyder gave fans a first look at his Superman reboot, due next year -- a movie Warner Bros. hopes will take over for Christopher Nolan's Batman franchise. While the footage was impressive, showing British actor Henry Cavill in action as both Superman and Clark Kent, Snyder has wowed Comic-Con crowds before only to disappoint later, as he did with "Sucker Punch." Still, there's cause for optimism here. As a bonus, the same panel saw the announcement of a new "Godzilla" film from director Gareth Edwards.

Biggest Misses

“The Host”: While kicking off Comic-Con with a panel for the final “Twilight” film, the series’ author, Stephenie Meyer snuck in a look at the film adaptation of her follow-up, “The Host,” directed by Andrew Niccol. The footage of the sci-fi story about alien possession left fans scratching their heads — and some walking out before the screening had finished. This one might be a hard sell.


“Django Unchained”: While it was awfully cool of Quentin Tarantino to bring his revenge Western starring Jamie Foxx and Christoph Waltz to Comic-Con — despite it not necessarily being normal Comic-Con fare — there are a few things he didn’t do: He didn’t show off much new material, instead opting to show a seven-minute “sizzle reel” that had screened for insiders at Cannes, and he didn’t stick around to talk to the press after the Hall H panel. One thing he did do? Put a damper on plans for “Kill Bill: Vol. 3.” Not cool, Quentin.