Coming up with a perfect Madonna Super Bowl halftime show playlist

Madonna is singing at the Super Bowl, and here are some hopeful songs.

The Super Bowl is finally here and Madonna is playing the halftime show. What should her set list be?


Here at Metro we've examined Madge's entire discography and formulated the platonic ideal of a Madonna Super Bowl halftime show:


First, "4 Minutes":


The winning team is likely to save their fan's world by well -- winning.


Next, "Music":

We need something for the casual fans. Music is something everyone loves. Why deprive crowds of it?

Then "Ray of Light":

Not a canon song, but well-known. Just a fun dance-y "pump up" track. Plus, the refrain "And I feel / Like I just got home," bears a remarkable similarity to some of the NFL's recent marketing efforts.

Then "Vogue":

Don't laugh, of all Madonna's "A-List" singles, this may be the least "feminine." (Yes, we know that's a horrible assertion and football is enjoyed by all genders. But do you really think the NFL is going to want "Material Girl" or "Like A Virgin" played at halftime?) Plus, this song's been heavily featured in the marketing for the show. Intel!

Finally, Madge closes with "Like A Prayer":

The "prayer" motif is an established part of football discourse. They don't have a prayer. Throwing it up with a wing and a prayer! Tebowing. It's all there in the song, man.

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