Couple moves wedding to meet 'Duck Dynasty' star Willie Robertson

"Duck Dynasty" star Willie Robertson. Credit: Getty "Duck Dynasty" star Willie Robertson. Credit: Getty


"Duck Dynasty" star Willie Robertson made one newlyweds' day over the weekend in Pennsylvania.


On Saturday, Mehgan Cook and Charlie Miller decided to move their wedding to the nearby Field and Stream so they could meet Robertson, who was scheduled to be at the store for a book signing. "I was going to cancel the wedding 'cause I heard Willie was coming," Cook told KDKA-TV, which, you know, is a pretty good sign of her dedication to the whole "marriage" thing.


The surprised Robertson gave them a little blessing, telling them to always love and forgive one another. Cook donned a camouflage sash on her wedding dress, while her fiance was dressed all in camo, complete with an orange headband, lest they get shot by another hunter mistaking him for wildlife while at the store.


For his part, Robertson said, "

That's a first for me, it's good to be a part of that. They look like my kind of folks with the camouflage. That was cool."

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