David Bowie

David Bowie in 1967 was a bit of a dandy fop.


We are absolutely beside ourselves about the passing of David Bowie, but luckily we have loads of his work to comfort us: 25 albums, untold videos, film performances.

We recommend going way back with Bowie, back before even “Space Oddity.” When he first crashed the music scene, his shtick was a dandy in cute clothes, performing his (sometimes slightly sinister) versions of banal Anthony Newley-style ditties.

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“Love You Till Tuesday,” from 1967, is one of his silliest and catchiest, and he even did a music film for it (below), with him decked out in a frilly scarf and Beatles hair while bopping about. Even better: the insane “The Laughing Gnome,” his “duet” with a tiny creature that’s really his own voice sped-up to a chimpmunky falsetto, bombarding listeners with some seriously evil gnome-related puns. Even when shrill, Bowie was a genius.


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