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Daniel Craig probably not happy about new offer to play Bond again

He truly may never say never again.
Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig

Getty Images

The producers of the Bond movies have heard your pitches for the next Bond. You wantdashing Tom Hiddleston. Or you want he-man Chris Hemsworth. You might even want someone considered “outside the box” to reflect our changing times, like Idris Elba or Gillian Anderson. These suggestions have been duly noted. Which is why they just offered $150 million to present 007 Daniel Craig to do it at least two more times.

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Their intransigence is matched only by the actor, with both sides engaged in an apparent stubborn-off. Not long ago Craig — who’s so gung-ho about the role he said he’d rather “slash” his wrists than do it again, and spent “Spectre” looking like he was steeling himself for an upcoming rectal exam — was offered $100 million, which he turned down.

Maybe he can get them up to $200 million? Would $500 million coax him away from a life doing theater, making noble indies about sand or just hanging with cool wife Rachel Weisz? And would a haul big enough to fill a money bin be enough to make him take the franchise as seriously as he did when he started — when the idea of a dour, anguished and decidedly less sexist 007 still seemed fresh? In any case, get on the trolley, Bond execs: If this were Marvel they’d have replaced Craig, now 48, with a teenager two years ago.

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