Dave Chappelle hosts post-election SNL on Nov. 12, 2016.


Dave Chappelle struck a magnanimous tone in his 11-minute monologue on Saturday Night Live’s first show since Election Day.


“We actually elected an Internet troll as our president,” he joked, before turning a more serious note about how exciting it was at the White House when Barack Obama became the first black president. He discussed how the hopes for the historically disenfranchised now rest on Trump.


“I’m wishing Donald Trump luck,” he said.


Though Alec Baldwin was a no-show to accept the presidency, the episode was SNL’s highest rated of the season, with 6.2 million households tuning in. The show’s 42nd season has already shown to be springing up in viewership, with the season premiere on Oct. 1 scoring its biggest premiere ratings in eight years with 5.8 million.


Saturday’s poignant episode began with Kate McKinnon, in Hillary Clinton costume, singing in tribute Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” at the piano during the show’s cold open.

Chris Rock made a surprise appearance in a skit about partygoers at a New York apartment where they hold on to hope, then go through denial, until the bitter end on election night.

In a sketch parodying The Walking Dead, Chappelle resurrected several of favorite Chappelle Show characters, including the Player Haters, the famous blind black racist who doesn’t know he’s black, and crackhead Tyrone Biggums, who as a decapitated head provides a message of togetherness.

Whatchclips of the momentous Nov. 12 SNLsketches: