I guess the new period of acceptable grieving before the tawdry tell-alls start flying is now a month, because we've got our first breathless account of sordid behavior by the late David Bowie almost exactly a month after his passing. But at least this one is a classic.

In news that will come as no surprise to hard-core Bowie fans, his former bodyguard says the "Rebel Rebel" singer engaged in some pretty libidinous escapades with pal Mick Jagger — plus some guest stars — back in the 1970s. But hey, it was the '70s after all. Former bodyguard Stuart George recounts a particularly sordid evening involving Bowie, Jagger and an unnamed female singer in Bowie's dressing room.

“David told me to wait outside and make sure they weren’t disturbed," George tells the Mirror. “[Russian ballet star] Rudolf Nureyev was partying with them but spotted them sneaking off and wanted to join in and said, ‘I have to be in there.’ I politely said, ‘No.' I was under orders. David, Mick and the woman were in the closet for 20 minutes and came out with big smiles. It was obvious what had been going on.” I mean, would you have turned him down?

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