You know those awkward moments when the host of the late night talk show goes over to say hello to the band? It always seems like what is unsaid during those moments is, "Hey, so I have to pretend like you musicians are as special as the actors and actresses I have sit on the couch with me to have actual conversations."


ButThat is, after he gets to know if the drummers have brought their actual drum kits to his show or if they have rented them.


In this two-minute compilation, we see Letterman giving compliments to the drummers for the Black Keys, The Strokes, St. Vincent and the Silversun Pickups among others. He loves their drums! AND he is very interested in learning if these drummers' taste in drums is serious enough that they bought them and didn't just rent them for television.


Now that this compilation exists, how long is it until Drum Magazine taps Letterman for a Q&A? And how long until one of these artists invites Letterman to sit in with the band on one of their "beautiful" kits?