Demi Lovato and on-again, off-again love Wilmer ValderramaGetty Images

Demi Lovato has heard those rumors circulating about whether or not longtime boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama has finally proposed, but she's not letting them get to her.

"I don't see a ring," she jokes to Ellen DeGeneres when asked about the speculation. "I wouldn't mind if I saw one, but there's time for everything."

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Did you hear that, Wilmer? That's called a hint. Like, a loud-and-clear, get-your-ass-to-Zales hint. She's playing it cool, but come on, man. You two have been dating — in one form or another — for roughly half a decade. Do you think she's going to just wait around forever?


"We've been together this long," Lovato adds, "obviously I'm not going anywhere." Oh. I see. Never mind. Carry on, then.

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