Demi Lovato would like you to know that she is absolutely not fazed by those so-called nude photos that leaked, okay?


According to Refinery29, the 24-year-old is the latest female celebrity that’s been targeted by hackers leaking personal and intimate images online. Other victims include Emma Watson and Amanda Seyfried. In Lovato’s leaked image, she’s shown lying in bed with her top unzipped.


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The pop star took to Twitter to tell everyone to settle down.


“I love how everyone’s freaking out about one picture,” she wrote. “It’s not nude and it’s just cleavage.” She posted another tweet, noting that she’s gotten real-life naked before for Vanity Fair, and took advantage of a variety of hashtags like #cleavagegameonpoint and #myboobsarenteventhatbig. She's so chill, man. She's just like, one of those cool, chill girls who's just like, so relatable, you know?

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While Lovato is super chill about the leaked photos, it is worth noting — to all you hackers out there who apparently don’t know better — that leaking private pictures of female celebrities is pretty disgusting. Leaking private anything of anyone is horrible.

And it’s not chill, at all.