Is Demi Lovato sober? | Getty Images
Is Demi Lovato sober? Getty Images

Pop singer Demi Lovato reveals in a new single that she may no longer be sober.

The lyric video for the aptly titled, “Sober,” was released on Lovato’s YouTube channel yesterday.

In the song, Lovato sings:


Momma, I’m so sorry, I’m not sober anymore/And daddy, please forgive me, for the drinks spilled on the floor/ To the ones who never left me/we’ve been down this road before/I’m so sorry, I’m not sober anymore

Celebrity friends and fans commended Lovato for her openness and offered their support.



Earlier this year, Lovato celebrated six years of sobriety, posting the achievement on social media, expressing gratitude for being able to make it that far and telling her followers that being sober is possible.

Lovato’s YouTube documentary, “Simply Complicated,” which was released in September of 2017, details the singer’s battle with addiction and mental illness. Within the first 10 minutes of the interview, she says: "I actually had anxiety around this interview because the last time I did an interview this long, I was on cocaine."

She admits that the first time she did cocaine, she was only seventeen, working on Disney Channel.

Lovato also reveals that her biological father was an addict, before passing away in 2013 from cancer.

“I guess I always searched for what he found in drugs and alcohol because it fulfilled him, and he chose that over a family," she says.

You can watch "Simply Complicated" below on YouTube:

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