Cameron Diaz wants to make one thing clear: She loves getting older. One of the bigger laughs in “The Green Hornet” comes when Seth Rogen’s boorish newspaper heir, Britt Reid, marvels at the advanced age — 36! — of Diaz’s Lenore. And the actress insists she was far from offended.

“That would mean that I would have to have some sort of vanity of that, but I don’t,” she says. “I don’t have any problem with my age. I love getting older. Anybody who wants to stay young forever probably needs to take another look in the mirror because it’s not as much fun. I feel better than I’ve ever felt in my life at 38. I feel stronger, more capable; I know myself better. Life is better than it’s ever been, so I don’t have any issues, really. I would never want to be 25 again.”

While she didn’t suit up with Rogen and co-star Jay Chou for the big action scenes, Diaz’s role in “The Green Hornet” did give her the chance to get a little physical, beating up on the guys a bit. It was an aspect of the role the self-professed tomboy was excited about. “I’ve always been an athlete,” she says. “I’m not like a ballerina — I’m an athlete. I mean, ballerinas are amazing athletes. Ballerinas are probably the most amazing athletes, they’re just graceful at it. I’m not graceful at it. I’m more like a shot-putter.”

Diaz would probably have an easier time keeping her personal life private if she had chosen to be an athlete rather than (reportedly) date them, but her high profile is something she’s come accept. “It’s a blessing and a curse,” she says. “But you know, I can’t have what I have in my life — and I have an extraordinary life — without the media being a part of it. So I just kind of accept it. It’s a really difficult ocean to navigate. It makes you stronger if you come to some resolve.”