Are Diane Kruger and Norman Reedus taking their rumored romance public? It sure looks like they are.

According to Page Six, Kruger, 40, and Reedus, 48, were photographed gleefully unpacking Reedus’ Porsche after a rumored roadtrip. And I don’t think unloading a car brings you this much joy when you’re “just friends.”

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The two actors most recently worked together on a film, “Sky” in 2015. That same year, they were allegedly spotted having a very aggressive make out sesh,which is chill. I mean, besides the fact that Kruger was still tied to her partner of 10 years, Joshua Jackson. Otherwise, totally chill. Besides, she and Jackson, 38, split last July, so it’s whatever, you know?


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Despite the fact that the pair has been spotted variously in the last year, a mysterious source tells E!that nothing is going on, which is short speak for, “Something is definitely going on, use your dang eyeballs.”

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