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Dina Lohan says Lindsay Lohan is doing just great, everybody

The movie offers are pouring in for Lindsay Lohan, says totally impartial mom Dina.

Lindsay Lohan has finally — finally! — completed her eight long years of probation, and she's already been spotted celebrating that milestone with a nice glass of red wine in Venice, Italy. But if you're concerned about the "Mean Girls" star's notoriously tricky relationship with alcohol leading her down yet another dark path, don't be.

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No less a reliable source than her own mom, Dina Lohan, assures Radar Online — and the world at large — that Lindsay is super, thanks for asking. "She's happier than ever," Dina exclaims, adding that yet another attempted comeback for her daughter could be right around the corner as Lindsay is "getting movie offers left and right." And why would her own mother exaggerate?

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