The MyCheck app makes in easier to pay bills at a restaurant. The MyCheck app makes in easier to pay bills at a restaurant.

Going out to eat with friends can be a fun experience, at least until the check comes. Then the headaches begin, trying to decide what to tip and how to split the bill. The MyCheck app can put an end to those headaches.

With 30 locations set to go in New York City, including PS450, Nicoletta, Resette and Rouge Tomato, the MyCheck app (which is free and works on iOS and Android devices) can streamline the normally pesky process of paying the bill at a restaurant.


Here’s how it works: When you check into a location through the app, a four-digit PIN appears. Give the PIN to your server and he or she will know how to bill you.

Once you order, you’ll be able to figure out how to split the bill (once you add your friends to the bill through the app). And you don’t even have to wait for the check to arrive after the meal: As soon as your order is placed the server sets up the bill and sends it to you through the app. Once you add a tip and electronically pay the bill, the server will see a “Paid” message on their point-of-sale system. You can also request an email receipt. Major credit cards and even PayPal are accepted through the app.

Sensitive data is never stored on your phone, and your credit card info is saved on secure servers. Also, the restaurant’s point-of-sale system will not be able to access your bank information.

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