In “Do Not Disturb,” five directors offer five different takes on what goes on behind the privacy tag of a very busy hotel room, with a quiet and curious maid, played by Diva Zappa, as the constant element throughout. The actress spoke to Metro about working with multiple directors, the fun of getting doused in blood.

Your character is the constant element through all the sections of the film. How was that?

That was a surprise. It just kind of happened while we were on set. They just kept putting me in, saying, “Go walk in — and say something, if you want to.” I really didn’t know what I was in for, and every day was a surprise. Every day was a new adventure because new crews were brought in every day.

That sounds like a really unique way to make a project.

Yeah, it was. To work with five different directors in such a short amount of time, it was amazing training to recognize what you don’t need to get involved in so you just keep your head down and work on your own stuff. You didn’t have time to get into anybody else’s business, because if you did it wasted the day.

Have you had any weird hotel experiences in your own life?

No, personally I can’t think of any, but I do know my family has seen some pretty interesting things. Because, you know, my father toured a bunch, and we would go with occasionally, so we traveled a little. My brother actually found a hidden door in a hotel hall, I think, and pulled it open because he just decided there was a door there — and he was right — and inside was a dildo. Very strange. It was kind of a work closet. I think there were other paint supplies in there maybe — and a dildo. It was just weird.

Is there a section of the film that you’re most fond of?

Yes. I hate to say it, but yes. All of the directors are amazing, and each of them gave me an experience I’ve cherished, but I had the most fun in Jon Mann-Krieger’s piece because that was when I first got to be sprayed with blood.

You did look pretty cool covered in blood.

I know, how weird is that? I’m in another movie where I got covered in blood, and the pictures of me in blood — I’m, like, stunning. It’s very strange. Very, very weird. I love it. It’s really fun to get dirty, and I don’t get to get dirty that often. It’s one of my favorite things, if it’s in a safe situation and I know I can go take a shower — which actually I didn’t really do on that set, because on the first day of blood, it got clogged and there was a problem. When lunch would be called, I couldn’t move my hands to eat, so we had to put gloves on me. But it was pretty interesting and fun.

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