Raymond Hall/GC Images
For the Kardashian Clan, social media is sacred—it’s how they communicate, connect and “break the internet.”
So it was a pretty big deal that brother Rob deleted all of his Instagram pics with fiancée/baby mama Blac Chyna on Monday. Though Rob is known for his social media purges — often deleting all of his photos to wipe a clean slate — he’s kept his relationship with Chyna very much in the public eye.
But it appears that the couple isn’t over.
"They didn’t break up; they had a fight,” US Weekly reported. And a dramatic one at that: Chyna allegedly drew blood from scratching Rob with her long nails. Perhaps their new reality show is putting some stress on the couple (or perhaps this is a well-timed publicity stunt), but either way, the pair is reportedly back in love.
Chyna took to Snapchat to quell breakup rumors, flashing her 7-carat rock, letting fans know that all was well.
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