It’s happening. It’s finally happening. NBC reports that Donald Trump, famous reality TV star, business mogul and presidential candidate, will host "Saturday Night Live."

Wake up children, it’s time to stop dreaming! There will never be a sweeter dream to come true than Donald Trump hosting "SNL."

Trump’s Nov. 7 hosting date will be both the second time the hair icon has appeared on the show, and almost a year to the day to presidential general election on Nov. 8, 2016.

We know how much work goes into running the hallowed institution that is "SNL," but we here at Metro couldn’t resist coming up with some sketch and character ideas on the fly:


Some kind of sketch with Donald Trump selling orange juice in a mall.

Donald Trump as an alien, let shenanigans ensue.

Donald Trump as a coach for the Bad News Bears.

Donald Trump as the inventor and creator of the Hillary-bot.

Donald Trump selling products on the Home Shopping Network.

Donald Trump as some sort of fast-food worker.

Donald Trump as a hoarder on the show “Hoarders.”

Donald Trump in “Cooking with Trump” in which he cooks food and anyone who doesn’t like his food is a loser.

Donald Trump as a coach on “The Biggest Loser.”

Donald Trump just talking about nothing.

Donald Trump as an interpretive dancer.

Conversations with Pizza Rat and Donald Trump: A talk show.

Donald Trump as a teenage girl.

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