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Dr. Dre threatens to sue Sony

The 51 year-old protests a new film that depicts him as violent

Dr. Dre clearly cares about his reputation. The music producer's legal team released a cease and desist letter to SONY pictures for Lifetime’s “Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge & Michel'le,” a biopic about R&B singer Michel’le and her relationship with the hip-hop mogul at the height of his music career reports TMZ.

Apparently trailers for the film depict Dre as violently abusive and his is not happy about it. In the letter Dre denies abusing Michel’le, noting that she never received medical attention or alerted police about any abuse. He is threatening to sue the company if he is portrayed as an abuser in the made-for-tv film, which airs Oct. 15.

We’d like to hear Michel’le’s take.

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