Drake is already a big supporter of Apple's new music streaming service.

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Yesterday, Apple held an event to announce its new music streaming service, Apple Music, which will launch June 30. Apple has always charged for music and the launch of Apple Music still aligns with that, charging $9.99 a month or $14.99 for a family plan that can include up to six people.


Part of the streaming service will be a social media platform called Connect, where musicians will give fans an up-close look at what they're working on. Artists will give Connect exclusive assets such as backstage photos or lyrics in process for fans to check out.


During the event, Drake took the stage playing up his "started from the bottom" angle, crediting Apple in part for his success. Then, he announced that he will be releasing his next album on the streaming service and using Connect, though he declined to give an exact release date.


Drake will also be playing DJ on Apple Radio, another new part of Apple Music. Drake, along with Dr. Dre, Pharrell, will.i.am and more will be curating stations for Apple Music users.As if that wasn't a big enough coup for Apple, the Weeknd came on stage and performed a brand new song, "Can't Feel My Face."


The new streaming service promises to learn users' musical tastes so it will introduce new music the listener may be interested in, the way most music streaming services already do now. And since many users will be using Apple Music on their iPhone, Apple integrated Siri into the streaming experience in a few key ways --- such as having Siri play a song by the user telling her to do so or acting as a trivia champion, playing a track that was number one on the charts on a specific date, for example.


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