Kerry Brett

Boston’s veritable musical patron saints the Dropkick Murphys kicked off a 27-date tour in February, which culminates in their annual hometown St. Patrick’s Day jamboree. The band’s traditional run of Boston shows St. Patrick’s Day week (March 16-20) follows two nights at New York City’s Webster Hall (March 9-10), and one at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia (March 13).

This year, the band has an added reason to celebrate: 2016 marks Dropkick Murphys' 20th anniversary. We asked Dropkick Murphys’ co-vocalist and co-founder Ken Casey for his take on how the band stuck through 20 years and eight studio albums, the latest of which, “Signed and Sealed in Blood,” came out in 2013.

“We’ve had the same lineup for many years and we all feel like we’re on the same page," he says. "You can hear it in the last two records. There are many rock bands through the years who probably wanted to kill each other and they still make good records. But for us, if everyone’s in a good space it results in what people want from a Dropkick Murphys’ record, which is hopefully is to put a smile on their face.”

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We also asked this most Boston of Boston bands how to be the most Boston-y Bostonian. Drummer Matt Kelly fills us in below, so to speak.

The Most Boston Saying:“Fahhkin'. This is the most useful modifier in most Boston neighborhoods' vernacular.”

The Most Boston Place to Blackout: “The Penny Post — rest in peace. It was sketchy and had a coffin.”

The Most Boston Bar to Perform In: “The Rathskeller. [It was] the embodiment of Boston rock from before you were born. RIP.”

The Most Boston T-Shirt Ever Made: “An inside-out Baracuta. That's what people did to show they were wearing the real thing and not a London Fog or Sears. Yeah, I know a Baracuta isn't a t-shirt, but I'm the one answering the questions here, Goofy.”

The Most Boston Beer to Order: “Bud Light. Because you can drink 25 of them, khed.”

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The Most Boston Late Night Foodery: “Little Steve's Pizza. Centrally located and good. Enough said.”

The Most Boston Song Ever Recorded: “"Daisy Chain" by the F.U.'s. It described Boston in 1982 and it still rings true to this day.”