BOY MEETS WORLD - season 2 gallery. Danielle Fishel, Rider Strong and Ben Savage  (Photo by Craig Sjodin/ABC via Getty Images) DANIELLE FISHEL;RIDER STRONG;BEN SAVAGE Danielle Fishel, left, and Rider Strong, center, both got married last weekend, though not to each other.
Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC


How did Mr. Feeny decide which ceremony to attend?


Everyone associated with "Boy Meets World" had tough choices to make this weekend (since I assume they are all still super close and love each other like family). Danielle Fishel (Topanga) tied the knot on Saturday, and Rider Strong (Shawn) got married on Sunday.


Strong, 33, wed his longtime girlfriend Alexandra Barreto, 31, at a summer camp in Oregon. The whole weekend was apparently camp-themed: After the ceremony, guests participated in a talent show and a ropes course.


Fishel, on the other hand, married her fiance Tim Belusko in downtown LA. Maybe that's why she scored the Boy himself — Ben Savage was in attendance at her wedding. Or maybe it's just that she got those save-the-dates out a little earlier. "Danielle Fishel's getting married this same weekend, so I'm missing some of my Boy Meets World family (that was my fault, she chose the date first)," Rider told Us Weekly.


The weird and wonderful news that the Disney Channel was planning a sequel to the mid-'90s hit sitcom broke earlier this year. In June, the network confirmed that it’s ordered “Girl Meets World” to series, according toE! Online.