Elizabeth Olsen dumped her fiancé over the phone

Elizabeth Olsen's ex-fiancé does not have nice things to say about her.
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Oh man, this is rough. Actor Boyd Holbrook, former fiancé of "Avengers: Age of Ultron" star Elizabeth Olsen, apparently feels like enough time has gone by to vent his frustrations about the demise of their relationship — a breakup neither had officially confirmed before now. "On the same day that my best friend died, I got a call from my girl to tell me it was over," Holbrook tells Man of the World magazine, referring to the split as a "divorce," even.


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The one-two punch of Olsen's breakup call and friend David Armstrong's death led Holbrook to become "consumed with my own personal depression," he says, though he did eventually cheer himself up over the past 10 months. "What happened over the course of the journey was that I started noticing the different types of trees," he says. "I started noticing beauty, the details." Oh. OK.


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