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All right, everybody, move along. Nothing to see here with this whole Elizabeth Olsen dating Tom Hiddleston thing. They've been weathering speculation about just how close they are all summer, and the film in which they play husband and wife, "I Saw the Light," just debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival, so they've been posing for a lot of photos. But no less reliable a source than Olsen herself says that there is no hanky-panky going down.

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"I mean, we definitely are friends and we've known each other for about four years. We happened to be at a restaurant at a wrong time having dinner. We all go out to dinner," she tells Refinery29. "Well, apparently I'm dating Chris Evans and apparently I've dated Jeremy Renner … I don't react to it." And when asked very directly if she's dating Hiddleston? "No," she offers flatly. "I mean, people can think what they want to think."So that settles that, right? That is, assuming we believe her.

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