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Oscars: Ellen's best lines

This is Ellen DeGeneres' second year hosting the show.

No Oscars telecast is complete without some good one-liners from the host that poke fun at the very industry everyone is assembled to honor, and Ellen DeGeneres did not disappoint this year. Here are some of her best quips:

"I'm not saying that movies are the most important thing in the world, because we all know the most important thing in the world is youth."

"You've made over 1,400 films, and together you've attended a combined six years of college."


"Who are we kidding, it's the 'Hunger Games.' You're starving, there are cameras everywhere and Jennifer Lawrence won last year."

"Possibility No. 1: '12 Years a Slave' wins Best Picture. Possibility No. 2: You're all racists."

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