Emily Kinney Emily Kinney plays Beth on AMC's "The Walking Dead" — but she's also a singer in real life.
Credit: King De Tagle

Many of your favorite characters died at the mid-season break of AMC's "The Walking Dead." But blonde babysitter Beth is (as far as we know) still alive and crooning when the season resumes Feb. 9 (even if her ward, poor little Judith, is another matter).

Just in time to amp up your excitement for the return of the brain-eating undead — plus Valentine's Day, since those go hand in hand — actress Emily Kinney is putting on an indie concert on Feb. 13 at Rockwood Music Hall (196 Allen St.).

Yes, she's actually a singer in real life (in case you couldn't tell from those killer vocals that the show is constantly flaunting). The 28-year-old Nebraska native will be performing haunting songs from her "Expired Love" EP.


"Writing 'Expired Love' was my way of working through some of the romantic relationships in my life that had ended or weren't good for me anymore," Kinney says. "Each one of these songs is incredibly personal to me, and I remember where I was when each of these songs first started bubbling up inside me."

She's especially fond of the local music scene.

"I learned a lot from the New York producers and musicians," she says. "I'm lucky 'cause the people I work with to make music, and in particular to make 'Expired Love,' have also become some of my best friends. So I lost some lovers, but gained some friends — and some cool songs, too."

Nothing quite gets you in the mood for the most romantic day of the year like reminders of zombies, dead babies and expired love; but just in case you'd rather check out Kinney another time, she'll be reprising her performance on March 6.

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