Erykah Badu crashes live TV broadcast to snuggle reporter

Erykah Badu is roaming the streets of Manhattan, an amorous hatted menace to all local reporters.

Erykah Badu inspired Soulidified's new show.  Credit: Universal Motown This is not even close to being Erykah Badu's biggest hat.
Credit: Universal Motown


Apparently, mentioning Shia LaBeouf's name is like a dog whistle for other crazy celebrities.


While reporting live on LaBeouf's latest public meltdown, Pix 11 reporter Mario Diaz was accosted by 90s neo-soul sensation and apparent hat enthusiast Erykah Badu. Badu wandered by the camera with a wide-eyed grin, made a gesture indicating either sexual intercourse or marriage, opened her coat to show us her (chic, but thankfully not revealing) outfit, and finally tried to kiss Diaz. Diaz, who obviously doesn't know a 90s neo-soul sensation when he sees one, shoved her out of frame.


It's all contained within this Vine (via Rolling Stone), and if I ever had any doubts about the need for Vine to exist, I have them no more.


Badu has since confirmed via Twitter that it really was her.Diaz accepted her apology, but seems to think she might be Prince.

Anyway, I gotta go. I mentioned Shia LaBeouf's name at the top of this post, so Erykah Badu has appeared and is trying to make me wear her hat.

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