Swedish psychedelic band Dungen have a brand new album coming out today, and if you speak their language, the title might offend you. But the sensibilities behind it shouldn’t.

The album is called “Skit i allt,” which roughly translates to “f— it all.”

While that might sound nihilistic, drummer Johan Holmegard insists that it’s meant to conjure up another popular foreign language phrase: carpe diem.


“It’s just a state of mind, I think, that passes through your head once in a while,” he says. “Like you go to this party or it’s a certain situation where you party all night long and you’re like, ‘Well, I have to [get] up early in the morning, I have work to go to, but f— it all, this is the opportunity, and everything is happening here now.’”

Holmegard admits to having quite a few of those nights during his time with the band, but it’s only helped to strengthen their camaraderie. “For me it’s totally positive,” he says.

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