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Eva Amurri, actress and daughter of Susan Sarandon, wants everyone to know how awesome and trustworthy and noble her husband is. Like, such a good guy. She took to her blog — yes, she has a blog, and it's called Happily Eva After — to divulge the details of what she calls "Nannygate 2.0." But unlike other celebrity menfolk, her hubby, Kyle Martino, found the power to resist the siren call of the woman hired to watch the little ones.

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"This is even more nuts than you can imagine," she warns, launching into a tale about the replacement nanny they hired after she had to fire their first one.

Amurri recounts that on her way back from a quick business trip to New York, Martino let her know some shocking news.


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"'Don't panic,' he told me. 'But I had to fire the nanny this morning.'" The nanny, as it turns, out had "mistakenly" sent him a text addressed to a girlfriend about how much she wanted to sleep with him.

"Too bad he seems not to like thick Latin women with lots to hold on to LOL," the nanny allegedly wrote. So he fired her. Seems reasonable.