During Paleyfest in LA, Cuba Gooding Jr. took it upon himself to lift Sarah Paulson’s dress. Maybe it was some sort of egregiously unfunny joke or just one of those things where men feel like they can do whatever to women without consequences. It's impossible to say!


According to Perez Hilton, Paulson played it off and laughed about it. But she was the only one — on Twitter, fans were outraged.


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“It turns out Cuba Gooding Jr is a d—khead who has no respect for women,” one fan wrote.


“Um.. so is Cuba Gooding Jr allowed to get away with liftin Sarah Paulson’s skirt at Paley Center?” another wrote. Total disrespect to a woman.”

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The two actors, who starred in “The People vs. O.J. Simpson,” and “American Horror Story: Roanoake” together are reportedly good friends, which still isn’t exactly an excuse for this behavior. Neither has commented on the story.

More importantly, what would Paulson's partner Holland Taylor say?! Probably, “Hands off my lady, scum.” Probably.