Some people like to chew gum or tobacco, but Keyshia, who will appear on TLC's "My Strange Addiction" tonight, prefers dirty diapers.

The Queens woman developed her gag-inducing habit two years ago and now can't live without sniffing and chewing dirty diapers — no clean diapers for this 22-year-old. "It has to have pee in it," she says in one clip. "The heavier ones have more pee and they smell better."

But it's not just the smell that attracts Keyshia. "I love it," she says. "It just tastes amazing."

She even enjoys collecting them. In the clip below, Keyshia says she keeps dirty diapers in drawers, the trunk of her car, her purse and the kitchen so she always has them at hand.


In the exclusive clip above, Keyshia's fiance Jerome forces her to throw out moldy and decaying dirty diapers. Keyshia says, "If it was up to me, personally, I'd keep all of it."

Producer Kelly McClurkin tells us that in order to supply her habit, Keyshia needs to hustle to get her hands on the goods. "Keyshia gets her diapers from friends and sometimes even from strangers that she approaches in public bathrooms and at the park," says McClurkin. "Her friend Kim has twins and she's the main supplier of the diapers. Keyshia shows up at her house any hour of the day or night and will even wake up the babies to take wet diapers off of them!"

McClurkin adds that Keyshia just had a baby of her own (she was pregnant when the episode was filmed) "so she's now got an instant supply ready whenever she needs a fix."

To all of the pearl-clutchers out there, relax. McClurkin assures us, "Keyshia only takes diapers with pee ... no number #2."

“My Strange Addiction” airs Wednesday at 10 p.m. on TLC.

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