‘1.21 Jigowatts’

Fridays through Oct. 14


40 Prospect St., Cambridge

$12-$16, 617-576-1253


Ever wished there had been more “Back to the Future” movies? Well, ImprovBoston did too, so they created this show wherein their clever comedians improvise a new time-traveling spoof every night, with Doc, Marty, Biff and the rest of the gang traveling to eras suggested by the audience. Our first suggested stop: Have Buckner catch that grounder in 1986.

‘Life Before Sext’

Improv Asylum

Weekly, Thursday through Saturday

216 Hanover St., Boston

$20-$25, 617-263-6887


This revue of improv and sketch looks at the impact technology has had on mating habits and life in general. One particularly funny sketch concerns kids quarrelling over their dead dad’s Facebook page.

Blue Man Group


Charles Playhouse

74 Warrenton St., Boston

$49-$69, 800-982-2787


When we heard that the Blue Men weren’t real, but just men pretending to be Blue Men, we were crestfallen. It was like discovering the Santa Claus at the mall wasn’t really Santa. Shattered as our illusions may be, we must still recommend this utterly unique performance experience. It’s way cool, face paint or not.

TraniWreck: A Benefit for Aliza Shapiro

Friday, 8:30 p.m.


2 Arrow St., Cambridge

$15-$40 plus $5 at door, 18+, 866-811-4111


Shapiro, the founder of TraniWreck, is in the ICU with her brain swelling. This is not funny at all, but the crew is put-ting on a special show to raise money to pay her hospital bills. It’ll be full of gender-bending burlesque, performance art, aerials, and lots of surprises, which are likely to be funny.


2 1/2 Kids in the Hall

Oct. 8, 7 p.m.

Wilbur Theatre

246 Tremont St., Boston

$27, 866-448-7849


Kids in the Hall Scott Thompson and Kevin MacDonald team up for an evening of Canadian comedy. Who’s the half-Kid, you ask? Well, we’re they’re probably just mocking “Two and a Half Men.” The other name for this tour is “Two Kids, One Hall,” which is in mockery of … uh, just look it up yourself.

Louis C.K.

Oct. 1, 8:30 and 10 p.m.

Wilbur Theatre

246 Tremont St., Boston

$37, 866-448-7849


Louis C.K. vents irrational frustration by expanding it to the absurd. He speaks, for instance, as if his young daughter isn’t his daughter but an obnoxious, childish roommate who needs to grow the f— up. It’s hilarious and ridiculous, indirectly highlighting how much patience it re-quires as a parent to remember precisely that children aren’t adults.

John Oliver

Oct. 28, 7:30 p.m.

Wilbur Theatre

246 Tremont St., Boston

$28-$36, 866-448-7849


John Oliver, a comedian capable of sharp satirical points and extremely geeky silliness, is a British correspondent on “The Daily Show.” His stand-up doesn’t deviate much from that role.

Bo Burnham

Nov. 26

Wilbur Theatre

246 Tremont St., Boston

$30-$35, 866-448-7849


This dreadfully clever young comedy songsmith seems to be one of the few lasting YouTube success stories, probably because he just keeps getting better. Burnham’s recent material has traded sheer irreverence for more complicated feelings about religion, art and the nature of his own stardom, but he’s just as still cheeky and pun-happy as ever.

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