‘Dwarf: A Memoir’

By Tiffanie DiDonato

Nov. 27

Many memoirs can feel voyeuristic at times, but not Tiffanie DiDonato’s. “Dwarf” is her tale about growing up with a rare disorder known as diastrophic dysplasia and the surgeries she had to undergo to lengthen her limbs. DiDonato fought with courage and aplomb for the inches she gained — and the life she got because of it. It’s not just a medical drama though; there is a sweet love story that flows under the disorder that anyone will be able to relate to.

‘The Best American Comics: 2012’

Francoise Mouly, editor

Out now

There’s been a “Best Of” compilation of almost every genre of writing; why should comics get passed over? Curated by Francoise Mouly, this collection presents the best work from comic world icons and up-and-comers alike. It’s a standout collection — even if the year isn’t over yet.

‘Born this Way: Real Stories of Growing Up Gay’

By Paul Vitagliano

Oct. 9

There’s no better way to celebrate National Coming Out Day on Oct. 11 than with this touching compendium of LGBT people recounting how they came to realize they were gay and sharing their subsequent coming out stories. The pictures of them in all their youthful fierceness make the book.

‘The Life of Objects: A Novel’

By Susanna Moore

Out now

In her trademark tight, crisp, descriptive prose, Susanna Moore delves into World War II with her latest heroine, 17-year-old lacemaker Beatrice Palmer, who falls in with an aristocratic German family. It’s a literary “Downton Abbey” — but without the slick TV sheen.

‘The Oath: The Obama White House and the Supreme Court’

By Jeffrey Toobin

Out now

In his best-selling work, “The Nine,” Jeffrey Toobin examined our current Supreme Court with the heart-stopping intensity of a thriller. Now in “The Oath,” he tackles the Obama administration and its battles with the Court’s conservative majority at the same breakneck pace.

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