SEATTLE (Reuters) - A Washington state man's obituary jokingly blames his "untimely demise" on the Seattle Seahawks' Super Bowl loss, which many exasperated football fans chalked up to botched play-making.

Michael Vedvik died at his home south of Seattle a few hours after the Seahawks' 28-24 loss to the New England Patriots in the NFL championship game on Sunday.

Vedvik's family and many fans criticized the team's decision to throw a low-zipped pass from the one-yard line, which was intercepted in the final seconds of the game, rather than handing the ball to powerhouse running back Marshawn Lynch.

"We blame the Seahawks' lousy play call for Mike's untimely demise," the 53-year-old's family said in an obituary published in the Spokesman-Review newspaper on Thursday.


The obituary for the small business owner and Spokane native was a tongue-in-cheek gesture to a man with a sense of humor, the newspaper reported separately. Vedvik was said to have loved, among other things, "the Seahawks and life."

He never actually watched the game, having recorded it for later, according to the paper. He died on Monday.

His sister wrote the obituary and his brother-in-law slipped in the line on the Seahawks, the Spokesman-Review said.

"My husband would have thought it was hysterical," Vedvik's wife, Stephanie, told the newspaper. "If I had read this obituary to my husband about somebody else, he would have had a laugh."

(Reporting by Eric M. Johnson in Seattle; Editing by Emily Stephenson and Susan Heavey)

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