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Oscar nominee and "Theory of Everything" star Felicity Jones might seem like one classy dame. I mean, she's British, she tends to focus on high-brow material and she made the first fold of this year's Vanity Fair Hollywood cover. And come on, her name is Felicity. But Jones' personal tastes might surprise you. For instance, she tells The Violet Files, she has a weakness for Chicken McNuggets and Britney Spears' "…Baby One More Time" — which she sings in the shower.

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But the biggest shocker? That lies in the land of reality TV. Jones is apparently a "Keeping up with the Kardashians" fan. No, really. "Watching their show is so relaxing," she insists. "It's how I switch off. And they all have an incredible work ethic, don't they?" Do they?

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