The Fault In Our Stars "The Fault In Our Stars" hits theaters June 6.

We're already crying and this is just the trailer. The film adaption of John Green's mega-popular YA novel, "The Fault In Our Stars" is about two teens, Hazel (Shailene Woodley) and Augustus (Ansel Elgort) who fall in love. The problem? Hazel has terminal cancer.

At first, she pushes him away, to spare him the pain knowing her is bound to cause. But Augustus just won't take no for an answer and she hesitantlygives in. Despite their young age, Hazel and Augustus love each other in the purest sense - in sickness and in health - and their relationship deeply poignant to watch.

In December, Green shared his favorite YA books of 2013 with Metro.


Fans of the book who are worried the film won't portray the story accurately will be pleasantly surprised by the trailer. It captures the sweet sentiment of the book that teases at a great full-length portrayal. Check it out below:

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