"The Walking Dead" returns Sunday at 9 p.m. on AMC. Credit: Frank Ockenfels, AMC "The Walking Dead" returns Sunday at 9 p.m. on AMC.
Credit: Frank Ockenfels, AMC

Your favorite zombie drama, "The Walking Dead," staggers back onto the small screen this Sunday.Last season ended with quite a few cliffhangers to keep us worrying about what's in store for Rick, Daryl and the rest of the gang.

Here are five things you should anticipate for the next chapter of the zombie apocalypse:


Trouble at Terminus: We could smell that danger was in the air when Tyreese, Carol, Lizze and Mika stumbled on sign for Terminus on the tracks. Though the characters hoped that it would be the end of their misery, the fact that it was advertised as a "sanctuary" caused a chill to crawl up our spines. Of course, it took the entire second half of the season — as the survivors trekked to Terminus — to discover that our assumptions were correct. In the final episode, most of the main characters were trapped together in a train car, and potentially in the hands of cannibals. Will Rick take the reigns as the leader and come up with a way to get the group out of this? Andrew Lincoln certainly made it seem that Rick will be a force to be reckoned with when he delivered his parting line: "They're screwing with the wrong people."

Beth Back in Action: The last trace we saw of Beth (Emily Kinney) was when Daryl (Norman Reedus) discovers her backpack lying on the ground after she was abducted and driven away. Her disappearance is shrouded in mystery. Who snatched her and for what purpose? How will she get away? Last season Beth went through a lot of growth mentally as well as physically, and her desire to survive is at a peak. It seems like she will find a way back to the group, unless the odds against her are truly insurmountable.

Change of Scenery: Since season 1, the show has taken place in rural settings, but now they are on a mission to find a cure — a goal larger than individual survival. However, they aren’t going to uncover a solution to the zombie apocalypse in the country. They must retrace their steps back into the cities, which will significantly increase the danger for all involved and many will perish. The question is, what effect will the urban environment have on the characters mentally? Will they stand together or will they crumble and turn against each other?

Rekindled Romance: At the end of last season Maggie (Lauren Kohan) and Glenn (Steven Yeun) were reunited once more. We can probably expect some loving moments between these two characters, which will serve as a little light relief from all the depressing death and destruction. Really, it can’t be all action, murder and gore. We have to have something to hope for — what’s better than happily ever after? As long as they can avoid death by dismemberment, being turned into walkers and not being devoured by cannibals, they can make it work!

More Moves from Michonne: Let’s just say it — Michonne (Danai Gurira) is a bad ass warrior. She slashes and slices her samurai sword and, with all her fencing experience, the heads of zombies fall at her feet in the amount of time it would take the rest of us to think, "Crap! Zombies!" She is the epitome of a strong, butt-kicking female character. Last season, we learned that part of that fire was caused by losing her baby son, and that fire will probably not be extinguished anytime soon. So it seems like a safe guess that we are probably in for some more action-packed scenes that involve her slaying a group of walkers single-handedly.