Snapshot Author Lis Wiehl is a legal analyst who has appeared on "The O'Reilly Factor," "Lou Dobbs Tonight," "Imus in the Morning" and more.
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The idea for Lis Wiehl's 12th novel, "Snapshot," came from a series of photos taken by her father, an FBI agent assigned to go undercover in Dallas during the civil rights movement. While attending a rally, he took pictures of Lis, then 4 years old, playing with a black child who attended the rally with her family.

Fast-forward 50 years when Lis discovered the photos and couldn't stop thinking about them. "As I stared at them, I had so many questions. What happened at this rally? Who was the other little girl? What had become of the people at the rally, and what were their lives like in Fort Worth in 1965?" Wiehl says. "As I ruminated on these questions, drawing on my own history as a federal prosecutor and daughter of an FBI agent, 'Snapshot' came to life."


In the novel, the book's principal character, Lisa, gets a call from her father, a retired FBI agent. He believes a man was wrongly convicted of murdering a civil rights leader, and wants her help to free this potentially innocent man from death row. The murder took place at a rally Lisa attended as a child.

Released this week, "Snapshot" weaves real details from the civil rights movement with a compelling murder case, making it a great crime drama with a political angle.

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