Whenever you think back to the time when you were trying to remove your baby tooth, you always remember wiggling it until it comes out, or if you were daring enough, you would let someone tie floss or fishing wire to a doorknob and closing it shut so it pulls the tooth out.

This former Olympic gold medalist athlete has taken tooth extraction to the next level.

Brian Clay has found the perfect use for his retired javelin stick - he uses it to remove his daughter's loose tooth.

In a video he posted yesterday to Twitter, Clay tied one side of floss to the javelin stick and the other side to his daughter's bottom tooth. As soon as he hurls the stick, his daughter's tooth comes out. It all happens in a second.


Despite some slight bleeding, the little girl doesn't seem phased by it all.

We don't suggest anyone try this at all, unless, of course, you're a former Olympic athlete. Then you can get a pass.

See the video below.

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