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Free waffles and ice cream at Wafels and Dinges during World Cup

team usa world cup clint dempsey portugal soccer football celebration Party like Clint Dempsey scoring a goal against Portugal during today's men's soccer match against Belgium.
Credit: Getty Images

If you're watching the World Cup match between Team USA and Belgium this afternoon, be near a Wafels and Dinges.

Today during the game, every time Belgium scores Wafels and Dinges will celebrate with free waffles for 15 minutes after the goal. But if your loyalties are to the other side, it's free ice cream cones for 15 minutes after the US lobs one into the net.


Other restaurants, however, have chosen sides: A Waffle House spokesman told TMZ that "We support a boycott on Belgian Waffles."(Bleach Report clarified that, in fact, what we know as a Belgian waffle doesn't actually exist in Belgium.)

Check out this guide to how Team USA got here despite tying with Ghana 2-2 on June 16 losing 0-1 to Germany on June 26. Then make plans for the rest of the tournament with our viewing guide.

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