Friday gossip roundup: Adele is suing after false sex tape rumors

That's one way to have your week ruined.

No roundup today, just one big story!


People just can't let Adele enjoy her run on top.


In the days following her Grammy sweep, the British pop singer has reportedly been hounded by a French papparazzo who is shilling what he says is a sex tape of the star recorded by the ex who inspired her album "21."


Adele, for her part, is taking legal action against the rumors. From the Telegraph:

The 23-year-old immediately made clear that she had not appeared in the tape and instructed top law firm Schillings to take legal action.

The claims were described as “untrue and grossly defamatory”. A spokesman for Adele said it was "100 per cent false".

This is all probably made up! However, if it is true, it would not be the first horrible thing Adele's horrible ex-boyfriend was rumored to have done in the wake of their breakup. According to Adele, after the success of "21" the anonymous chap called her seeking songwriting royalties, claiming that by virtue of his being such a horrible boyfriend he had uniquely her creative process.

He does, however, have a fake Twitter account named after him, so it's really not all bad.

Images from the fake tape below:

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