Will Ferrell is such a humble guy that when asked what it’s like to lead a big, animated comedy like “Megamind” — also starring Brad Pitt and Tina Fey — the actor quickly diverts the attention.

“I don’t really consider myself front and center of this fine cast,” he says before noticing a giant banner over his shoulder clearly focusing on the titular character. “So, I guess I am front and center.”

Indeed he is. It may be his second animated feature — after “Curious George” — but the movie does mark a first for the actor.

“It’s the first time [my kids] have commented on something I’ve been in,” says Ferrell. Although his children weren’t the reason he took the role: “This was a decision based on wanting to do another animated movie and getting the chance to work with [director] Tom [McGrath], so my children were not consulted — nor are they ever consulted about anything. It’s a very strict household,” he jokes.

Kidding aside, another draw for the actor — who more often than not earns his laughs by dropping his pants at some point — was the challenge of working only with his vocal cords.

“What’s lost on the project is how hard it is to articulate any emotional gearshift just with your voice,”?he says. “Playing the comedy is one thing, but I think there’s a real skill for any of these actors that can effectively do that consistently.”