Even Broadway has picked up the whiff of 1960s nostalgia created by the success of AMC’s drama, “Mad Men” — the appeal of which, it could be argued, is evenly split between the characters and their amazing wardrobes. A revival of the 1968 musical, “Promises, Promises,” picks up on the pageantry of Christine Hendricks’ Joan Holloway sashaying in and out of frame on “Mad Men,” while faithfully recreating the original production’s verve and “aw-shucks” pluckiness.


The musical is based on the 1960 Billy Wilder classic, “The Apartment,” which follows the same storyline. Chuck Baxter (Sean Hayes), a bachelor, loans his apartment to higher-ups in his firm who are looking for a place to have their extramarital trysts. Meanwhile, Baxter pines for the pretty but oblivious Fran Kubelik (Kristin Chenoweth), who works in the office restaurant.


Hayes, who was nominated for a Tony for his performance in this production, is best known for his role as Jack McFarland on “Will & Grace.” His spot-on comic timing shines; however, sometimes his humor, so camp and spazzy, brings to mind too many shades of “Just Jack” and can be a bit distracting.


Kristin Chenoweth flawlessly carries all of those classic Bacharach tunes. And all in all, it’s a night out that Don Draper wouldn’t miss.

“Promises, Promises”

Broadway Theatre

1681 Broadway

$56.50 and up, 212-239-6200