What was expected to be a fun film for tweens, with some good laughs and an entertaining storyline, turned out to be a Halloween nightmare filled with bad one-liners and poor performances. Coming from director Josh Schwartz, known for his work on teen television shows like "Gossip Girl" and "The O.C.," you'd expect he'd know this market like the back of his hand. But "Fun Size" isn't enjoyable for tweens or younger audiences.

The film centers on Wren (Nickelodeon star Victoria Justice) who has to babysit her bratty younger brother on Halloween but loses him while trick-or-treating.

Although there are a few decent laughs, the script is mostly filled with poor attempts at humor and cliched characters. The film becomes more predictable as it goes on and finishes with an ending that has been done way too many times. The main problem with "Fun Size" is that it's hard to tell who the humor is directed at, as half of the film might be enjoyable for younger audiences but the rest of it is rather vulgar and too rude for kids.

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‘Fun Size’

Director: Josh Schwartz

Rating: PG-13

Grade: 1/5

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