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"Being Mary Jane" star Gabrielle Union takes issue with some of the tactics of those reporting on Hollywood. "The fact that I can do a press junket for a movie and people ask what's happening in my uterus says a lot," she tells Yahoo Style. "They want 110 percent of what you have to offer." I sincerely hope she's talking about what she as an actress and celebrity has to offer, and not what her uterus has to offer, because that's just weird.

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But! She has some other things to talk about, too, like how she would cast a reboot of "Bring It On." Wait, hold on, that movie is 15 years old, and Union still looks pretty much the same as she did when she filmed it. Why would anyone be talking about rebooting it? Anyway, hypothetically speaking, here's what she thinks: For her role? Keke Palmer, with Dakota Fanning taking over the Kirsten Dunst role and Selena Gomez stepping into Eliza Dushku's "bad-girl role." Way to make us all feel old, Gabrielle.

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