Best known as the impossibly well-groomed warriorJon Snow on “Game of Thrones,” Kit Harington says his character's priorities are shifting this season.

After being elected Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch last week, Metro sat down with the 28-year-old actor, who says Snow is a changed man after losing his love, thewildlingYgritte.

What’s changed for Jon Snow?

In all the previous seasons, Jon was always told what to do and where to go. But now he is fed up. At the same time he will have to politicize, but he is not used to doing this —it’s none of his business. Moreover, he will have a lot of battle scenes. It was very interesting to play this critical moment, when he refuses to follow the orders and starts something new for himself.


Jon and Sam’s relationship is a rare genuine friendship on the show. How will it develop?

It’s brotherly love and a very important anchor in a cruel world where everybody wants to eat the rest. Jon and Sam love each other very much. Sam helps Jon with advice; Jon represents strength in their union. I do not think Sam is totally unselfish, especially in this season. He has to protect the woman he loves and is not afraid to use Jon for that. I think it’ll be interesting for you to see this. In the previous season Jon had lost Ygritte, but needs the support of his friends around him to unleash his full potential.

Can we expect any more romance for him?

When it comes to romantic relationships for Jon Snow, I really cannot say for sure. Jon will no longer break his vows. We’ll see in the season, but if he does, there has to be a very serious influence.

You film in Belfast. How do you deal with the cold, damp weather?

You just need to take care of yourself. We had a month when we had to get up at 4 a.m. and pass the whole day outside while shooting, and came back at 10 p.m. The only one thing that saved us was a heater located in one of the tent’s corners. You come up to it, extend the arms, get slightly warmer and return to a more or less decent condition for an hour.

But you have such furry costumes…

Surprisingly, even though they look great, they are not warm. So, we have to wear a lot of warm clothes underneath. The most terrible things are the boots. They are thin as paper and very tight, so even an extra pair of wool socks doesn’t help.

In "How to Train Your Dragon 2,” your voiced Ehrets, a dragon trapper. What advice would you give to Daenerys about her “children”?

Do not lock them in the basement. It is a dangerous thing, and she will understand that. In this season, you will see how she finally begins to raise them properly.

What are your plans for the future? Are you searching for something very different to your role as Jon Snow?

Until you see the script, you will not understand if you fit the film. And it does not depend on a particular genre or character type. I very selectively consider shooting proposals because, frankly, I'm sick of the last year and need a break. You still need to rest sometimes. So next year, you will probably not see me on screens.

Jon Snow is a well-established figure: always in the same clothes, very memorable. Have you ever felt as if you are in the shadow of this image?

He is one of the major characters of the series, so he is supposed to be like this. You know what I think? You journalists are worried about it more than I am! I am so often asked about it. I do not give a shit, really. I do not worried about it at all

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