You have to give credit where credit is due, and credit is most definitely due to the folks at Gawker.

They have consistently come up with some of the best nicknames, titles and general descriptors for Ariana Grande in their ongoing coverage of the pint-sized pop star.

They have made this Web producer laugh-cry every time they've written about the singer, and so to applaud them here are the best nicknames for Miss Ariana Grande ranked from best to better-than-best.

11) Prissy lil' peanut Ariana Grande
10) Mumbly little peanut
9) Tiny Ms. Peanut
8) Lil’ Miss Ponytail Ariana Grande
7) Animated Polly Pocket doll Ariana Grande
6) Pint-sized whistle tone conduit Ariana Grande
5) Human Baby Bottle Pop Ariana Grande
4) Human Bratz! doll Ariana Grande
3) Lifelike ponytail Ariana Grande
2) Teacup Yorkie Ariana Grande
1) Human cupcake Ariana Grande


Good work, Gawker. Keep at it.

You too, Ariana.

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