1: Vamped up …

Back up, Barbie — Mattel’s new Monster High dolls have a dark side to their pink pumps. But even so, how cute is Draculaura?
$16.99, www.mattel.com

2: … or dolled up

But no worries, B — there will always be a spot in the pink convertible for you. The new Barbie “I Can Be …” line features motivated career women, from veterinarians to computer engineers to snowboarders.
$12.99, www.mattel.com

3: Designing tweens

Teen Vogue’s new bedding line has something for every budding designer, but we love the Malibu Surfer collection, complete with a reversible tie-dyed pattern. A one-year Teen Vogue subscription is included with each comforter purchase.
$20-$90 at JCPenny, www.jcp.com

4: Take off

Not only is it 100 percent playable, but this vintage pedal plane from Restoration Hardware Baby & Child will look adorable in the playroom or living room.
$399, www.rhbabyandchild.com

5: Got game?

The classic Operation gets an update with Buzz Lightyear, who needs a little tuning up.
$20, www.hasbro.com

6: Sweet rides

The Early Rider “balance bike” doesn’t have pedals, so it lets preschoolers scoot along and figure things out at their own speed without any (very uncool) training wheels.
$160-$180, www.tykerider.com

7: In the bag

You can’t go wrong with these purses from LittleMissMatched — next to makeup and maybe an iPhone, there is nothing your niece wants more.
$20, www.littlemissmatched.com