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Get swinging with this special historical cocktail

The New-York Historical Society's "Swing Times" exhibition has inspired this drink.

juniper-julep-cocktailThe New-York Historical Society's "Swing Time" exhibit -- about life in 1930s NYC, as depicted by artist Reginald Marsh -- has inspired a specialty cocktail at the museum's acclaimed restaurant, Caffe Storico. The Juniper Julep ($14) is a cross between two very popular drinks of the decade, the Bees Knees and the Mint Julep. It incorporates the gin, lemon juice and honey from the Bees Knees with the mint from the Mint Julep for a refreshing twist on two old favorites. And it includes Brooklyn Gin, so it keeps things local.

You'll sound totally in-the-know when you order the cocktail because it's not on the menu. But hurry -- it's only available until Sept. 1, the last day of the "Swing Time" exhibition.

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